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Zeeco is a worldwide leading company in design, engineering, and manufacturing areas of next generation combustion equipment, advanced environment system. Zeeco equipment plays a core role in so many diverse industries like refinement, production, electric power, LNG, Bio gas, medicine, pulp, and paper around the world. Zeeco headquartered in Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA, is operating over 20 branches, having the largest product research and laboratory in the world, and 4 strategically located manufacturing facilities, employing over 1300 staff members and agents. Thousands of Zeeco equipment are installed in almost all continents. ZEECO ASIA is supplying flare stacks, incinerators and burners used at refineries, petrochemical plants, oil fields, vessels and power plants, to construction companies and heavy industries in Korea. ZEECO ASIA is a 100% investment.
corporation of ZEECO USA, doing business of sales, design, prodution, installation, and commissioning kin Korea.

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