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We would like extend our thanks to
all for interests and encouragemtns
GUNHO E&C Co.,Ltd.”

GUNHO E&C Co., established GUNHO Industry in 2005 under the philosophy of GUNIL Engineering Co. "Highest valve of Gunil-men lies in passion for the technology," and changed the company name to GUNHO E&C Co.,Ltd.

We have our own technology related to delivery of piping materials and various plant construction know-how as well as particulate-transfer facilities. Along with GUNIL Engineering Co., we have prepared advanced technology and organizational capability as well as necessary conditions of EPC business that is capable of designing, purchasing, ordering, and constructing.

With sustainable growth as our top priority mission, we are continuing to invest in technology development and strategically foster new growth businesses as well as focusing in our existing core businesses.

We will continue to do our best to strengthen our professionalism and foster human resources to become a more reliable company. Once again, we would like to express our gratitude to all for your deep concerns and interests in our company, and promise that we will continue to develop together with our customers by the best products and service.

Thank you very much.

GUNHO E&C Co.,Ltd.

CEO  Seong-ho, Jeong
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