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Pneumatic Powder conveying system There is the passion for the technology in the best value of Gunho

Bag filter is used for the purpose of separating the dusts and clean gas through the processing of filtering gas containing dusts. When dusted gas is compressed or intakes into the inlet nozzle, dusts will be attached to the surface of the filter and the filtered clean gas will be discharged through the upper outlet nozzle passing by the inside of filter, and the dusts attached on the surface of filter conduit will be automatically and repeatedly cleaned up through the pulse-jet nozzle. The operating principle of the puIse-jet is:The attached dusts will be effectively separated by the vibration caused by the puIse impact and the transverse inflow air immediately in-taking the secondary air of 3 ~ 5 times as much as the amount of infusing air from the nearby area and inputting the inside of the filter conduit, through the Venturi effect while they are passing Venturi through the Blow tube built in the air head.

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